Launch Our Own Git Hub Like Server Using Podman Container

What’s Gogs

Gogs( is A Painless self-hosted Git Server.

why would anyone want to create another service like GitHub when clearly there is already GitHub?

If you want to needed to have a private repository for any project and you don’t want to upgrade our git hub account to a “Developer” plan for $7/month.So it’s best way to create your own git server


You must have podman install in your pc.

you must have git install in your PC for pushing repo in gogs.

You’ll need: to have atleast basic knowledge on podman

Let’s Start

First, you have to pull gogs and MySQL image from any public repository for this you have to run two command-

for pulling gogs image

podman pull gogs/gogs

for pulling MySQL image

podman pull mysql

After pulling these now you have to run these images

For running MySQL you have to launch MySQL container using environmental variable

podman run -d --name=mydb -e MYSQL_USER=ashu -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root -e MYSQL_DATABASE=test mysql

For running gogs you also have to launch gogs images using environmental variable

podman run -d -p 3001:3000 -e gogs_DB_HOST= -e gogs_DB_PASSWORD=root -e gogs_DB_NAME=test gogs/gogs

here I am Linking MySQL database to gogs container using MySQL container IP Address.

To check all container running properly or not type the command

podman ps

Here I put my terminal screenshot which shows all the above commands.

Now we have to go any browser and type http://localhost:3001/.As a result you should see the setup page of Gogs:

Now you have to install gogs .

To finish the setup, click on install at the bottom of the page. Afterward, you will be forwarded to the login page of Gogs. Please login with the credentials you just specified.

After logging in you should see the start page of the Gogs service. Its dashboard is similar to the git hub.

Nice, you successfully installed Gogs!. Now let’s start using it!

Goto + icon and click on New Repository.

Give your Repository name and click on Create Repository.

Now you see the Quick guide to push the repository like git hub

Follow these steps and run all command on your project directory.

Following these step, you see your repo is successfully uploaded on gogs server.

Congratulations! You now have your own Git service running in your Podman container!.

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